‘Based on in-depth assessments, Niamh devised individual specific mental skills programs for our Academy players based on their physical, technical, tactical and psychological profiles which she monitors and modifies regularly. The intervention that she provides gives the players that extra edge that they need to consistently perform to their best.’

Nigel Carolan, Connacht Rugby Academy Manager


‘Niamh made a very valuable contribution to our set-up in the fields of sport psychology and fitness assessment. We enjoyed a particularly successful year in 2000 and many of her ideas were put into practice. We won the league title and we won every game played bar won when we lost out to the eventual winners of the All Ireland Championship in the semi-finals’
Matt Murphy, Galway Senior Hurling Squad

‘I wish Niamh continued success with Bodywatch. Their innovative techniques contributed immensely with the collective preparation both psychologically and physiologically of each team member. Niamh brought a professionalism to the overall structure which was immeasurable’
Damien Coleman, Roscommon Senior Hurling Squad

Niamh Flynn worked with the Clarinbridge Senior Hurling team for three years. During my term as manager she instilled a confidence and belief in the team and the players through her work on both a group and individual one on one basis. Niamh’s professionalism, attention to detail and hard work shone through. Her greatest attribute was that she cared whether the players succeeded and improved under her watch and she went out of her way to accomodate the players differing schedules. A number of players were called to the Galway Senior Hurling Panel after working with Niamh and I am in no doubt that would not have happened without her work. Any team or individual that works with Niamh will improve.

Gerry Spelman, Clarinbridge Senior Hurling Team


I have to say initally I was sceptical about the whole thing, but my golf and in particular my driving, was a disaster. I had previously purchased a new Taylor Made driver and no matter how many times I played i couldn’t hit the ball out of my way.
I was hitting slices/snap hooks, duffing it….. everything but straight. After just one session with Niamh I noticed an instant improvement. I was smashing the ball down the middle of the fairway regularly over 275yrds (and on one occasion 360yrds!!). Granted not every drive was perfect, but at least 8 out of 10 was, and the 2 that weren’t were still only slightly off (in vast comparison to the way they used to go!). Also i noticed a new confidence in my swing. No longer did i dread the drives but I actually looked forward to them. the driver has suddenly become my new favourite club. i also noticed that i was far more relaxed on the course. I didn’t dwell on the missed putts and looked forward to the next hole instead of back at the last hole. I have been a 9 handicapper for several years now and haven’t actually played to it for a long time. Now I am playing to it, and feel i can drop my handicap to 5 or 6 given the way i’ve been hitting the ball. The hypnotherapy was simple (I didn’t even have to talk!!). Niamh made me feel very relaxed and at no time did I find it invasive. I felt in control all the time. I would recommend the golf hypnotherapy programme to anyone – whether you are looking to improve a specific element of your game or just to improve your golf in general.
David Hurley, 9 Handicap, Lahinch Golf Club


This was my first season racing in open races… i.e. a race which is open to all comers opposed to a club race which is only open to club members.
At the open races I always felt a bit intimidated as I assumed these “seasoned racers” were a lot fitter and faster than myself. I struggled in the fist few races of the season, in fact I was only manageing to finish about 50% of them.
So in May I had a hypnotherapy session with Niamh to see if I could improve my attitude to racing.
My first race after the session was a bit of a revelation! I was no longer just hanging in there to survive the race, but actually felt like I was competing, and was in the thick of the action at the front of the race from the start. I finished just outside the top ten (eleventh), which, at the time, it was my best open road race result. What convinced my that my mental approach to the race had improved was how sore my body was the following day, so although my brain was saying “go” my body was still struggling. Now all I need is for Niamh to convince my that winter training really is fun…
Mert Thompson, Belfast


Niamh, I can honestly say that I am enjoying my game again. As you know I was at the point where I could have given up completely I was so fed up. Your questions and interventions worked great. It is fantastic to regain that enthusiasm that I thought was gone forever.
David, Sligo


After the injury I was resisting going for the ball, even when I had a visible opportunity to do so. Niamh made it clear why this was happening and even within a few weeks I noticed that my play was improving and I was going for the ball much more frequently again. My confidence has improved and the injury is not holding me back – physically or mentally – anymore. I highly recommend sport psychology for anyone who has encountered an injury and who feels it is holding them back in some way.
For me it made a great difference. At first I thought it was a bit far to travel up and down to Galway but it has definitely been worth the time and I am glad I made the effort.
Paul, Dublin