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Improve Your Game of Golf Hypnosis CD
For all golf enthusiasts! A thoroughly great golf hypnosis recording which can help you to relax your mind so that your subconscious mind focuses intently on several areas of your game. Allow your mind to absorb some of the following suggestions……
• Increased confidence in your ability
• Refined visualisation skills
• Help to stay in the present moment and focus on the particular shot you are taking at a specific space in time
• Increased concentration
• Eliminate fear of failure
• Improved confidence
Price : €18.00

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Team Sports
• Letting go of limiting beliefs and thoughts that are holding you back
• Increased confidence
• Enjoy your game
• Develop leadership skills
Price : €25.00

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Team Transition
Are you moving to a new squad or to a higher level in your game?
This recording addresses the fundamental concerns which many players have with change helping to
• Reduce anxiety
• Increase confidence
• Making adjustment to a new environment easier and more enjoyable
Price : €25.00

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Pre-Match Confidence
• Do you get nervous just before a game?
• Could you benefit from increased confidence prior to a match?
• Would you like to be more relaxed prior to your game?
If so then this recording is for you!
Suitable for GAA, Soccer and Rugby players
Price : €18.00

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Achieving Goals
A powerful, general purpose recording. If you have any number of personal or sporting goals you wish to focus upon this dynamic download can help you to focus upon:
• Clarifying the goals you wish to achieve.
• Eliminating psychological obstacles
• Successful formulas.
• Generating ideas to achieve the outcome you would like
Price : €25.00

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New Year Goals
A deeply relaxing, general purpose recording. Every day is a good day to set new goals, sporting or otherwise. This restful download concentrates on helping you to:
• Focus on the positive
• Let go of negativity
• Break down your goals into achievable objectives
Price : €25.00

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Golf 18 Minute Boost
• Setting goals to lower your handicap
• Relaxation
• Develop a calm approach to your game of golf
• Increase confidence
• Improve concentration
Price : €12.00

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Improving Your Game of Putting
This hugely popular hypnosis recording can help with your short game. Learn to
• Block out external stimuli
• Focus on past successful experiences
• Enhance this aspect of your game
• Control positive internal thoughts
• Exclude negative internal thoughts

Price : €18.00

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• Staying calm on the court
• Building confidence in your game
• Stay focused on each shot
Price : €18.00