Managers and Coaches

Have you ever wished you could get an inside view into the way your players’ think?
Wouldn’t it be nice to know how you can motivate your players in a way that is effective and efficient?
Now you can!

Improve Play
Our sport psychology screening service allows you to get an insight into how you can modify your behaviour so that you get the best from your players. Learn how to communicate better with your team and discover what really is bothering your players’. You may be surprised! Sometimes the smallest changes can dramatically improve player confidence and subsequently player commitment and results.

Although individual scores are confidential we can give you an overall view of how your team think and how best to win player confidence and improve play. If your players’ consent to giving out their scores on various assessments then you will have an even greater insight into how to help your team achieve more.

Communication with your team
Understand how your players react under pressure and how best to deal with athletes who register high levels of anxiety. Players’ have different temperaments. Learn the best way of motivating each one of your players’.

Successful Results
We monitor the progress of each and every player we work with and make sure that any issues they are concerned with are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Player welfare is our priority. Our aim is to ensure each player is capable of playing to their full potential.

Individual attention
We will give each player the individual attention they need with follow up sessions as and when is appropriate for each player. People react differently while playing at different levels of the game. Fear, anxiety and burnout are common problems among athletes. These can be dealt with easily and effortlessly using sport psychology techniques. When players are calm, focused and committed teams compete at a higher level.


Monitor the effect of the changes you make and see how they have a positive effect on your team. Learn how players’ commitment, confidence and attitude change over the season and how to further influence your team to achieve even more in a way that is win-win situation for players and management.


Post Injury
Motivation / Burnout
Competition Pressures


Assessments – used to determine areas you can improve on
Goal Setting – are you clear about what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve it
Structured Plan
Feedback & recommendations